Tips and Tricks is where the things that the game didn't reveal to you or didn't know for a long time.


  • Carrying Stealth Monster with you gives Rust-Proof trait.
  • Carrying a Griffin Monster with you gives Anti-Steal trait.
  • Barong is weaker than Pulunpa.


  • Items can spawn on a wall.
  • Items can spawn on elevators even though they are neither visible onscreen or on the mini-map.
  • The Fortune Teller's Crystal Ball is a Magic Ball.


  • Dark Sword have critical chance bonus and hit penalty
  • Magic Ball power and Damage Trap is based on Koh level.
  • Spamming rust trap on a dummy sword can get you many money.


  • Leather Shield have dodge bonus.
  • Earth Shield negates the Kraken's Electricity.
  • Spamming rust trap on a dummy shield can get you many money.

Monster Tower

  • There's a small chance for the player to go to a Large Square Room.
  • Seeing 4 elevators on 1 floor is rare.


  • Ghosh is a fire elemental monster.
  • Using Sleep Ball / Sleep Spell on Ghosh will cause him to use an idle animation instead of a sleep animation.
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