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Selfi Rhode (セルフィ・ロード) is a character in Azure Dreams.


Selfi is the younger sister of Ghosh and an aspiring sorceress that often frequents the lower levels of the Monster Tower. While she is heavily influenced by her family's wealth, her true caring self sometimes shines through.

Selfi tends to flirt by asking you questions about you and comparing your answers to what Ghosh has told her. Eventually you will both give aid to each other in the tower, and her new self will come out as a butterfly, a butterfly that loves you.

Girlfriend Guide

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1- Talk to her after the first trip to the tower (she is in the second house on the left of Koh's house).

2- After that, enter the tower and reach the 2nd floor to meet with her.

3- After leaving the tower, go talk to her (at least once) and pick either answer.

4- Enter the tower and reach the 2nd floor to meet with her.

5- Repeat steps three and four until you find Selfi being attacked by a Pulunpa (inside the tower), pick the first answer to help her out (This will ONLY happen if you have built the fountain).

6- Go south of the fountain and you'll meet with Selfi who will retribute your help with an egg, after that you will watch a scene where Ghosh and Nico will appear.

7- Go to the second floor of the tower and a scene will happen with an U-Boat that will attack you, Selfi will save you. 

8- Repeat steps three and four until she admits that she loves you.


  • Since she resembles Beldo, there's a possibility that Beldo himself is a Rhode, or Magicians have blue hair color.


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