Koh (コウ) is the main protagonist in Azure Dreams.


Koh is the son of the famous Monster Tamer, Guy, and his wife, Wreath.


Koh was known for teasing his childhood friend Nico and has been known to jump on top of tables. At one point, he teases Nico, and Guy tells him "A man must take good care of women". One day, Guy's familiar returned to the house without Guy, indicating that Guy must have perished in the Monster Tower. Since then, Koh and his family had to make ends meet by selling their remaining monsters.


Now that he is 15, he can now go to the Monster Tower and become a full fledged monster tamer.


  • Koh doesn't have a last name.
  • Koh doesn't have a character portrait.
  • You can name him at the beginning of the game, with Koh being his default name; should you choose to give him a different name, Guy will initially choose Koh, but then decide on the name you'd chosen in a fun piece of dialogue.
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