Familiar Egg

Familiars are monsters that are tamed by monster hunters.

You can get a familiar once you find a monster egg in the tower and hatch it at home in your monster hut. if you hatch it in the tower, they will remain at the tower when you leave, never to be seen again.


Familiars have what they called Monster Collars so far, there's only two collars shown.

Icons Name Location Last Owner
Red Collar
Red Collar Given by Wreath. Guy
Blue Collar
Blue Collar Floor 12 Unknown


The collars look like necklace with a bell on it. You can bring out two monsters to accompany you side-by-side in the tower once you find the Blue Collar. You can also fuse monsters.


  • The last owner of the Blue Collar is unknown but there's a possibility that it's last owner is the Blue Warrior.