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Cherrl is a cute and shy invalid you meet one day when her doll Chappie falls from his perch. Being innocent and pure of heart, she feels nothing for you but admiration and adoration. Persistent and courageous, she always struggles not to be sick even though only a healing herb can save her.

Girlfriend Guide

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1- Upgrade the hospital.

2- Go to Cherrl's house, approach the girl on the window. After the scene, pick up the doll and bring it to the girl. Enter the house, have a chat with Cherrl and her mother.

3- Go to the Monster Tower.

4- Talk with Cherrl after coming back from the tower.

5- Repeat steps three and four until Cherrl asks you to go outside.

6- Agree with her to watch a scene. After this scene the Doctor will cure Cherrl with the healing herb you brought to her.

7- Talk with the doctor to begin the Healing herb Quest.

8- Finish the healing herb quest.

9- Depending on your answers to the doctor, Cherrl will stay at home or become a nurse, but after this, keep visiting her after your trips to the tower to finish conquering her.


Cherrl Full Body Pic