There are a total of 116 Monsters in Azure Dreams. The original PlayStation version only included 50--16 of each Genus and two others--but the Game Boy remake more than doubled this amount.

List of monsters

PlayStation version

01KewneFireMonsbaiya A KEWNE is a dragon which was popular several hundred years ago for personal protection. However, it became extinct due to its poor reproductive ability.
The name comes from their cry that sounds like "KEWNE."
02DragonFireCaveIts fame and strength won the name, "King of the Monsters."

A wild dragon usually lives deep in a cave. Its intensely hot breath and hard scales distinguish it. It is extremely difficult for a human to raise one.

03KidFireCaveThe word "KID" in the Monsbaiya Region means an infant dragon. Compared to a dragon, a kid's magical power is weaker.

Although it can be tamed by the person who hatched its egg, it is still difficult to raise one since it has a severe temper and it only eats metals.

04IfritFireVolcanic CraterThis is a malevolent deity that rules fire. It is a spirit of fire when it obtains a high magical power.

In its body is a compressed flame, and its punch is said to melt even steel. It is highly loyal, absolutely obedient to it master, but will never listen to others.

05FlameFireVolcanic Crater A kind of a spirit of fire born from sparks. It is a common monster which can be spotted anywhere, and is used to build a fire in the Monsbaiya Region.
Its appearance looks like a fire dressed in armor. Its knight-like appearance represents its loyalty to its master.
06GrineutFireRocky Mountain

A GRINUET is a transformed GRIFFON which has lived with humans for an extended period of time. It is sometimes called a GRIFONUTE. Its wings are metamorphosed into arms, and therefore it cannot fly anymore. Still, its strength and courage remain strong.

07GriffonFireRocky MountainThis is a monster that originally lived in nests in a rocky mountain area.

It looks down from the top of a cliff for its prey. It will dive and attack with its sharp claws even if its prey is several times larger than itself. It has both strength and courage.

08TrollFireMountains This is a monster, curious about everything, and is very quick to learn how to use the tools humans use just by observing them.
However, they can be a threat to travelers going over the mountains.
09BalloonFireIn the Air A monster which floats in the air without its own nest. Its shape resembles a balloon.
A balloon-like portion is its exposed lung which enables it to elevate by inhaling air. It is sturdier than it looks, and is difficult to be penetrated.
10VolcanoFireVolcanoThis monster lives on a volcano in a group. It is basically omnivorous, but favors lava. Once the lava is all consumed, the entire group moves onto another volcano.

It secretes the stored lava from its behind to build a nest. Its temper is violent, and is considered to be dangerous.

11BarongFirePrairieA strange monster that consumes any substance, transforms it inside its body after ingesting enough nutrients, and then vomits out a new substance. Its internal constitution is currently unknown.

It does not live in a pack, and is a loner.

12WeadogFireMonster TowerA kind of monster that has been protecting the Monster Tower since the days of antiquity. Why it protects the tower is unknown.

It is skilled in taming other monsters, and is said to be capable of pacifying even the most atrocious monsters at once.

13NaplassFireWetlandThis monster loves to nap, and spends most of each day dozing. It is, however, very sensitive to the slightest noise, and will attack angrily if it hears a loud noise.
14KillerFireTropicsThis monster has a giant axe-like hump on each arm. The bumps used to be nails in ancient times, but are thought to have evolved to their present shape to cope with their fighting nature and environment. It can smash rocks with its awesome destructive power.
15TyrantFireDesertA violent monster also known as a "Desert Ruffian." It is extremely greedy, and is quick to jump to any feed given it. Male TYRANT fight duels over females. Once this monster starts rampaging, even the most famous tamer cannot stop it.
16MaximumFireMonster TowerA MAXIMUM was born in the Monster Tower, the strongest of a completely new species.

Since it lives near the top floor of the tower, no one has seen it in the past except the famous Beastmaster "Guy" from Monsbaiya.

23PulunpaWaterStreets The weakest and most timid kind of monster.
It used to live on prairies and in deserts a long time ago, but now lives in a city since it is such easy prey for other monsters. One can be sometimes seen in a back alley.
25BlumeWaterPlateau Although it is a insectivorous plant, it lays eggs. Its male flowers release pollen, and the pollinated female flowers lay eggs. The pollen have a special scent that control monsters as they wish. The purpose probably is to make the monsters carry the pollen.
Its flower language is "indiscretions of youth."
26ManoevaWaterMarshland An amoeba-like single cell life, the MANOEVA behaves as its instincts command.
It is capable of transforming into the shape of what it has seen and is capable of dividing. It attacks animals that approach marshes by pulling them into the marsh, and absorbing them.
39NoiseWindForest A music-loving cheerful monster. The sound of the flute it plays can block the magic of veteran magicians.
However, even if you run to their recital in a forest, you should not be deceived by the cheerful music and approach carefully.
41CycloneWindWasteland This monster has a large eye. It is well known that anybody who meets its eyes cannot swallow any food. However, 12 years ago, it was discovered that if an anorexic person looks at the eye of a CYCLONE, the disease is cured. Since then, its eggs have sold like hot cakes to women on diets or to anorexic people.
47MalilingWindMonsbaiyaA quiet monster which likes to change into a ball and roll around. Since it cannot roll by itself once it is in the ball shape, it is often spotted at a top of a hill waiting for a wind to blow.

As it generates electricity inside its body from rolling, it is also used as a generator.

48SoilclawWindSubterraneanThis is a subfamily of the monster, STEALTH.

Since it eats garbage in the soil and converts it into energy within its body, this monster is overn used in vacuum machines. Since it is gentle, it does not get angry even if it is hit in a "Hit-A-Mole" game.

49HiKewneTriMonsbaiyaThis monster used to be an egg of KEWNE which was laid and left on the highest floor of the Monster Tower where the magical power is strongest. Over time, it has become "the Ultimate Egg."

The legend of "The Ultimate Egg" which is said to be capable of ruling the world, has now been unveiled in Monsbaiya.

50LazyFrogWaterPond The academic name is Monsbaiya Lazy Frog. Just like the name, it is a new species of frog discovered in Monsbaiya. Since it does not protect itself from enemies, it has earned this name.
The frogs are traded frequently as an ingredient for magic.

Game Boy version

No. 000 Kewne
No. 001 Wump
No. 002 Catawump
No. 003 Fireball
No. 004 Genny
No. 005 Mushrom
No. 006 Troll
No. 007 HamTroll
No. 008 Frost
No. 009 Noise
No. 010 Balloon
No. 011 Cyclone
No. 012 Flame
No. 013 Ifrit
No. 014 Volcano
No. 015 Blume
No. 016 Analoeba
No. 017 Submar
No. 018 Daymare
No. 019 Galelop
No. 020 Cadavron
No. 021 TomTroll
No. 022 Griffin
No. 023 Grineut
No. 024 Kraken
No. 025 Tundra
No. 026 Nyuel
No. 027 Batnyuel
No. 028 Soilclaw
No. 029 ShoTroll

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