• RayGalet


    November 5, 2019 by RayGalet

    Hello everyone !

    I thinks we should rework the items category. In fact, i'ts not really in order. On top of that, the weapons section in already on the main page. So i think it would be better to make some changes to this section so some pages won't be duplicated or found in many different sub category. We should add specific items that can be found in the tower (Guru pot, water medal, etc) se we can explain where we can find it and a little picture to see what we are searching for in the floors.

    What do you think about it ? Thanks in advance for the answer.

    Have a good day, have a good play !

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  • RayGalet

    GBC VS PS1

    October 12, 2019 by RayGalet

    Hello everybody ! How are things ? Me, i'm doing a little check on some information on monsters. And with the 2 versions, some monsters are in both game while many are not.

    But there are those, those whose name are different but monster are the same (Griffin for Griffon, etc.). So i would like to ask what you hope for : only one page for monster that are in the two games with 2 description and picture (like we're trying) or 2 separate pages ? With that in mind, what do we do with the same monster but with different name (Maliling VS Genny, etc.) : are they treated as same monster or not ?

    Thanks for you opinion !

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  • BoySpoiler 2.0

    I am now the new Admin of this wikia, and it's my time to update a lot of informations to this wikia! :D

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