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What is Azure Dreams
Azure Dreams, also known as Other Life: Azure Dreams(In japan) is a 3D Roguelike RPG Game that contains elements of Monster Collecting and Dating Simulator.
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Poll Results

If you were given a chance to date someone on Monsbaiya, who will you choose?
Vivian - (2 votes / 40%)
Selfi - (1 votes / 20%)
Mia - (1 votes / 20%)
Cherrl - (1 votes / 20%)

If Azure Dreams gets a sequel, which character should be the main character?
New Character - (2 votes / 80%)
Koh - (1 votes / 20%)

If Azure Dreams gets a Remake for future consoles, would you still play it?
Yes - (8 votes / 100%)
No - (0 votes / 0%)
Maybe - (0 votes / 0%)

Resolution Guide

Be sure that your Epsxe / Other PS1 Emulator is on 1280x800 resolution if you ever want to put an image (Except for Character Portraits)

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